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Got GPS?

It seems that everyone has a GPS in their cars and depends upon them to guide through the day to day activities of getting from point A to B.  Now, take the GPS and start to head for the north country of New England and you may be in for a few surprises.  As an Innkeeper, we know that a guest's GPS is not cooperating when we get the call asking for our address.  It seems that many of the addresses in the North Country are not reliably programmed yet on most GPS systems and if a GPS is necessary they work best with GPS coordinates instead, whenever possible.  However, with a little "tongue in cheek humor" our best advice for our guest is stop the car, get out a map, look at the directions on our website and then toss the GPS in the trunk until you get back in the city!

It seems that is you try to use a GPS in the North Country; it has a tendency to take you on some scenic back roads that if you are lucky, may even have gravel on them.  It is sort of the same thing as having a cell phone without cell phone signal; they just do not work in all locations.  To say that GPS devices have limitations is putting it mildly.  However, we do want our guests to arrive at the Old Field House Inn happy and not frustrated.  If the GPS is in the car and you would like to program in our coordinates they are W071 degrees 08.963' and N44 degrees 05.956.

Happy travels!!


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