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Snowshoeing in North Conway New Hampshire

Snowshoeing in New Hampshire is a great activity for couples or families!  The best part about snowshoeing in New Hampshire is that it is not only cost effective, but snowshoeing is easy to learn and you can essentially go anywhere that you normally hike in the summer!   You can just putter around in a field, on a golf course, or snowshoe on trails through the woods.  Try a shorter hike to get use to the snowshoes and how they feel on the snow.  Once you have your "groove on", go for a little longer jaunts.  Just do not get lost!

Snowshoeing has been described a walking with big feet.  There are techniques which are effective for climbing hills, breaking trails, and going downhill.  Also, many people suggest poles to assist you with your balance. The Mount Washington Valley Ski Touring and Snowshoeing Foundation has great tips for picking out your snowshoe equipment, but you can also just stop at any LL Bean location and they will be happy to help you make decisions on snowshoes. 

As with any sport there are always a few dos and don'ts.  With regards to snowshoeing they say never to step on your own snowshoe because the results will sort of make you horizontal with the snow!  Go forward not backwards as you will dig your snowshoe into the snow and of course, become horizontal again!  Lastly, never go straight up or down a hill and always cut across at angles.  We do not want your snowshoes to become skiis!

Dress warm and have fun!

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