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Attatish Mountain Water Slide is Fun for All Ages

As we are finally enjoying the hot days of summer, it makes me reflect upon a visit to Attitash Mountain to enjoy their water slide.  It was a hot summer day and we were all looking for a way to cool off.  We happened to have our bathing suits with us and decided to check out the fun at the water slide.  This is surely a great way for a family or adults to enjoy the day. 

It all started with making sure that we were over 48" tall.  No problem there!  Then the next step was to select the matt that we were to use for the ride down the slide.  Think of it as your own magic carpet ride!  We patiently climbed the stairs to get to the top of the slide and were truly hot by this time.  As we approached the top of the slide, a slight apprehension started to be felt, but we pushed forward.  Then it was our time to experience the water slide. 

We placed the matt into position and gently sat into position.  Before we knew it we were off and speeding down the water slide!  Between the nervous laughter and hoots of fun we safely made it around the hairpin turns, through the tunnels, and to the bottom of the slide where we plunged into the pool below.  

Now, that is how to enjoy a summer's day when staying at the Old Field House Inn!

North Conway Welcomes the Old Field House Inn Ski Club


Skiing in North Conway New Hamshire

Skiing in North Conway, NH has just gotten easier with the new Old Field House Inn Ski Club!  Are you planning to ski at Mt. Cranmore, Attitash, Wildcat, Black Mountain, or other New Hampshire ski areas next season? We know that it is June, but before we know it everyone will be thinking about the skiing season in the North Conway.  So, if you are considering a ski house step back and think again.  Both family and individuals are welcomed to participate and details are just being finalized.  This sounds so much easier and enjoyable than when I participated in ski houses in the past that I may just have to dust of my skis and get back into the action!

Rumor has it that to become a member of the Old Field House Inn Ski Club, you will only have to commit to a minimum of three, two-night stays with limited blackout timeframes.  Of course, longer stays are always welcomed!  A non-refundable deposit will be required and as a member of the Old Field House Ski Club, guests will be entitled to a 50% discount off of the room rate.  This is only the first step!  If you choose to commit to more than three visits, guidelines will be modified and the rewards will be enhanced with no blackout timeframes!

Stayed tuned for more information and please send us an contact us if you would like to receive all of the exciting information as soon as it is released!

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