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Valentine's Day/Presidents Weekend at Cranmore Mountain

Planning a family vacation to North Conway for President's Day vacation?  Cranmore Mountain is a small family mountain nestled in the center of North Conway.  To celebrate Valentine's Day and Presidents Weekend, they have put together an event called Cranapalooza!  Actually, Cranapalooza runs every Saturday night in the winter season through March 13th.  However, since it is Valentine's Day and Presidents Weekend, they plan to have some special events for this week including fireworks on February 13th and 20th!  They have a whole calendar of events to keep the family happy and enjoying the special holidays, and vacation!

Cranapalooza will feature night skiing, snow tubing, smores, family entertainment, live music, and more!  Or, how about a little snowboarding and skiing competition? Cranapalooza lift tickets are $29 and are valid for night skiing on 11 trails from 2-8 P.M.  Also, don't forget the snow tubing at the Tubing Park!

The week will be full of events and make this a family vacation to remember!

The Best Winter Activities in North Conway

So, what is there to do at the Old Field House in New Hampshire in the winter?  You should really be asking, what you can't do in North Conway because activities are endless!  We stopped for a moment and thought about some of our favorite activities, whether it is for a romantic getaway in one of our Jacuzzi suites or time for family fun and a stay in the main building of the Old Field House. 

Some of our favorite activities for the winter include the Chocolate Festival which is always held the last Sunday of February.  Definitely must be on the list if you enjoy chocolate.  When it comes to fun in the great outdoors, we start with a little snowshoeing and add in some cross-country skiing which both can be enjoyed right from the Inn!  Then of course there is skiing and a great family mountain is Black Mountain.  However, snow tubing is always fun for any age, especially the younger folks.  What is next?  How about going on a snowmobile tour?   Snowmobile tours can be for one, two, or three hours and can include all of the gear that you need.  Or for fun or a little romance on a winter's day, check out the dog sled rides.    

So if you need a little break from the great outdoors, then there is always plenty of shopping or just hang out in your Jacuzzi suite and enjoy each others company and reunite.  We think that one thing is for sure, there is always something to do at the Old Field House!

Dog Sledding in North Conway, New Hampshire


Have you ever experienced a dog sled ride?  If you are considering the ultimate romantic getaway or just want to break out of the mold and try a new outdoor expereince, than consider taking a dog sled ride.  Imagine snuggling under a blanket with your loved one as the dogs mush through the snow and along the trails.  Whether it is a sparkeling winter's day or an evening ride, it will not be your last.  We did this a few years ago and it was not only romantic, but it was a blast!  Bundle up and hold on as this is a unique experience.  Muddy Paw Sled Dog makes it all happen and of course, guests of the Old Field House Inn are welcomed! 

Two different types of rides are offered Thursday through Sunday at their location at the Mount Washington Resort.  They offer a 20 minute ride in the morning and the afternoon and also a 50 minute ride in the evening, when romance is at its peak.  A 20 minute ride for two people is $110 and the 50 minute ride for two people is $190.  If you have a little one along for the ride, they can accommodate a maximum of three people with an additional charge of $35 for the third person.  Now here's the catch...a maximum weight limit of 325 pounds is the entire weight that the sled and dogs can accommodate. 

Call for your reservations at 603-278-8989

21st Annual Chocolate Festival in Intervale, New Hampshire

Cross-country skiing and indulging in chocolate is just what happens at the annual Chocolate Festival in Intervale on February 28th.  This is known by many as the "Sweetest Day on the Trails"!  Participate in the Chocolate Festival and enjoy chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate fountains and fondue, brownies, and chocolate cookies of all kinds.  Chocolate delights, scenery, and warm hospitality are waiting to be enjoyed by all!

From 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. participating Inns will be offering chocolate treats as you enjoy a break along the 65KM of trails.  It isn't just about cross-country skiing as you can also snowshoe or drive from inn-to-inn.  I think that chocoholics will do just about anything to enjoy the chocolate!  In addition to the Old Field House, other participating inns include 1785 Inn, Adventure Suites, Eastern Inns, Mountain View Estates, Riverside Inn B&B, Stonehurst Manor, and the Touring Center at Ragged Mountain Equipment.  

Festival maps will be available the day of the event and each business will validate your map to confirm your stop.  When you have completed the tour, even more chocolate treats will be yours to enjoy.  Chocolate Festival passes will be $20 when purchased in advance or $25 if purchased the day of the Festival.   

Valentine's Day Romantic Getaway in North Conway

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and now is the time to plan for your romantic getaway in the North Conway Area!  Grab your sweetie and visit the Old Field House in Intervale, New Hampshire and romance is sure to blossom!  Just imagine, a luxurious suite, complete with fireplace and Jacuzzi for two.  Let the romance begin!

The Old Field House will make sure to cater to all of your needs and have a variety of special getaway packages for you to choose from.  A soothing massage, a romantic dinner for two, roses, chocolates, or enjoy bath and body treats.  Just thinking about it gets my heart pumping in anticipation of a wonderful romantic getaway for Valentine's Day. 

In addition to being swept off your feet with romance this Valentine's Day, take advantage of cross-country skiing right from the Inn.  Or perhaps you would enjoy a little snowshoeing or a walk in the winter wonderland?  If outdoor activities are not on your mind, perhaps a little shopping at the outlet stores in North Conway.  Rod or Linea would be happy to provide some shopping tips and coupons for a little extra savings.    

Romance at it's finest at the Old Field House!  Happy Valentine's Day!!

Snowshoeing in North Conway New Hampshire

Snowshoeing in New Hampshire is a great activity for couples or families!  The best part about snowshoeing in New Hampshire is that it is not only cost effective, but snowshoeing is easy to learn and you can essentially go anywhere that you normally hike in the summer!   You can just putter around in a field, on a golf course, or snowshoe on trails through the woods.  Try a shorter hike to get use to the snowshoes and how they feel on the snow.  Once you have your "groove on", go for a little longer jaunts.  Just do not get lost!

Snowshoeing has been described a walking with big feet.  There are techniques which are effective for climbing hills, breaking trails, and going downhill.  Also, many people suggest poles to assist you with your balance. The Mount Washington Valley Ski Touring and Snowshoeing Foundation has great tips for picking out your snowshoe equipment, but you can also just stop at any LL Bean location and they will be happy to help you make decisions on snowshoes. 

As with any sport there are always a few dos and don'ts.  With regards to snowshoeing they say never to step on your own snowshoe because the results will sort of make you horizontal with the snow!  Go forward not backwards as you will dig your snowshoe into the snow and of course, become horizontal again!  Lastly, never go straight up or down a hill and always cut across at angles.  We do not want your snowshoes to become skiis!

Dress warm and have fun!

Black Mountain Skiing and Winter Fun for the Family

Black Mountain is known for its family friendly atmosphere, gentle learning slopes for beginner and novice skiers, and scenic views of Mount Washington.  More advance skiers are also challenged by more traditional trails and this makes Black Mountain just about perfect for everyone.  Skiing, snowboards, lessons, and race programs are in abundance and ready to be enjoyed by skiers of all ages.  However, there is more to do at Black Mountain than just skiing!  

Winter events at Black Mountain are in abundance, but we are especially looking forward to the Winterfest and Winter Wildquack Duck Race on January 16th.  So what is this all about?  It is all about fun!  First, they have a step, icy luge track and spend days making sure that it is as icy as it can be.  Spectators can buy a duck, a heat of ducks, or as many ducks as they desire!  The more ducks you buy, the better your odds are.  Consider it getting your ducks in a row.  Then the race begins!  The duck quacks and hundreds of ducks are released at once in a made dash towards the finish line.  The first 10 ducks of each 100 ducks makes it to the finals.  Winners get ready, as you will take home 30% of the ticket sales up to $1,000 and over 50 prizes will be awarded to participants.  In addition to the race, activities will include pony rides, snow and ice sculpting contents, skiing with the Wild Quack Duck and an Apr├Ęs party. 

Winter events at Black Mountain are numerous and include Ride and Ski Weekend Tour, College Break Winter Fest, Shovel Handle Pub Race, and oh yes...chairlift speed dating!  I think that you are getting the hang of it, as Black Mountain Inn is all about fun!  To make it a little easier, when you stay at the Old Field House Inn you will also be able to purchase your ski tickets at a 50% discount.  Here's to winter fun!   

Cross Country Skiing in North Conway

Mt. Washington Valley Ski Touring Association has access to over 65 km of cross country ski trails which connect the Intervale Resort Loop to the Village of North Conway.  Whether you are new to cross country skiing or have been doing it for years, you are sure to enjoy their trails.  Along the trail, you will have wonderful views to enjoy.  From scenic vistas of Mt. Washington to the forests of the White Mountains, views are breath taking. 

Guests of the Old Field House Inn do not have to go far to jump on the trails, as the Inn allows some of the trails to cross their property.  The trails have three defined sections which include Northern, Central, and Village.  They offer a map which provides a great overview of the trails, and we encourage you to plan accordingly.  Trails take you from scenic vistas, or along the Saco River, through the Whitaker Woods, to the village of North Conway, and into Intervale. 

Mt. Washington Valley Ski Touring Association offers ski rentals, lessons and after-dark guided tours.  This is a terrific way to enjoy the winter in New Hampshire! 

Snow Tubing in North Conway

Snow tubing is terrific family fun at the Artic Blast Tubing Park at Cranmore Mountain in North Conway!  As the winter season settles in, snow will soon be falling in abundance in the North Conway area.  This year, add snow tubing to your list of outdoor activities and it will soon become a family favorite.  Snow tubing was always at the top of our list when we were young, but we would just find a hill and enjoy the thrill.  Now that they have parks especially designed for snow tubing, it has gotten easier and even more fun!

The Artic Blast Tubing Park is New Hampshire's #1 snow tubing park.  The Tubing Center is a great alternative for families to have some fun and enjoy the snow.  The Artic Blast Tubing Park supplies the tubes, so do not worry about bringing your own.  There is always an abundance of snow, as they make their own.  If you are taller than 42", you can ride alone and experience the thrill of snow tubing.  Once you have ridden the snow tube down the hill, they even have two lifts to bring you back to the top!  Also, this year they have even added a warming hut at the base of the Park.  This offers you a place to warm up and enjoy some hot chocolate while watching others whiz down the hill!

Tickets can be purchased on-line and are $22.00 for 2 hours.  If children are under 42" they must ride with an adult.  Hours vary but at a minimum they are open from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. 

New Year's Eve Romantic Getaway in New Hampshire

Ready for a romantic New Year's Eve Getaway in Intervale, New Hampshire?  A New Year's Eve romantic getaway is just what the Old Field Inn has in mind for you this year.  Imagine a Jacuzzi for two, a fireplace, and all of the comforts of home.  Put that together with a dinner for two, a massage, and a welcome basket with handmade Bavarian chocolates and one can sense the relaxation beginning to happen.

Then spend the rest of New Year's Eve just how you would like it!  Snuggle up in the warmth of your suite or venture down to North Conway and enjoy the fireworks.  Cranmore Mountain will be hosting their fireworks at 7:30 P.M. and at 9:00 P.M. fireworks will be on display at North Conway Village.  

In the morning be ready to indulge in Rod's waffles or choose another of the mornings creations.  This will be the perfect beginning to the 2010 New Year! 

Happy New Year!

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